Lee and Mary Bakewell aboard a Catana 472 at the Miami Boat Show, February, 2000

Lee and Mary have been married (to each other!) since 1966. That's 36 years, folks! Bought their first apartment building later that same year and have spent ever since providing safe, affordable housing for Americans. Along the way they added four children, three boys and a girl. Their daughter was married in 1998. Grandson #1 was born Feb. 23, 2004 and has already made two passages on the boat! He often wears a T-shirt that says, "I have a little dinghy but my Grandpa has a big boat."

Lee, an electrical engineer by training, had his own investment real estate brokerage firm for 17 years ending in 1990. During that time, Lee would arrange for the purchase of apartment buildings and Mary would manage them. Some would say Mary got the short end of that stick! Then, last year, the two of them began selling off their apartments as condominiums in Minnesota. Summer is "prime time" for condo sales in Minnesota and so they must return each spring for that and other reasons. But winters are free time. Hence the "Summer Partner" idea.

Mary divides her time amongst many pastimes and interests. She is a devout Catholic, donating many hours of her time to the church. She also is very active in politics. She is House District Chairwoman for the Republican Party in Minnesota. As such, she is constantly running. She just recently decided NOT to run for the State Representative seat in W. St. Paul. The reason? Take another look at the picture above!

Lee's interests are varied including, astronomy, music, diving, flying, history, bird watching, biking, motorcycling (not on a Harley), travel, and meeting other cruisers.

Mary enjoys all church activities, working, politics, reading, hosting parties for her friends and relatives, helping the needy, snorkeling, travel, and meeting other cruisers.