At What Cost?

Lee and Mary are not operating a charter business so there will not be any charge for the charter itself.

On the other hand, they can not afford to purchase this boat AND pay all the out-of-pocket expenses for the benefit of their crew either. So you will be asked to contribute a pro-rata share of the costs involved with the cruise. These costs will include--but not be limited to--diesel fuel, gasoline, water, pop, beer, rum (not necessarily in order of importance), groceries, fishing licenses, port taxes, customs and immigration fees (incurred as the yacht enters and leaves ports), marina dockage fees, mooring/anchoring fees, etc.

It is estimated these costs will total approximately $500 per week per person not counting airfare to and from the locations listed and shown by the red course lines in the map.

Since these costs do NOT include a charter fee, this will translate to much cheaper than an otherwise comparable crewed charter from a charter company. Rates are cheaper per per person if the boat is loaded with six persons plus crew . . . but you wouldn't like that. Of course with only one or two guests, prices would be outrageous. Here is an example rate for a nearly comparably sized boat (but not comparable in speed or comfort) assuming four paying guests:

$1,900 per week per person for either the Bahia 46 from at their belize charter location in Belize City: