Nov-18-Nov 27:  Cruise from Margarita to beautiful and remote Isla Blanquilla and return to Margarita. Fly into and out of Porlamar on Isla Margarita in Venezuela. Nov 27-Dec 9   Make the 400 mile passage from Margarita to the US Virgin Islands. Three days and nights at sea. Fly into Margarita, Fly out of the USVI Dec 9- Jan 27:  Cruise the USVI and BVI Fly into and out of the Virgin Islands Jan 27-Feb 3 :  Cruise the Virgin Islands to Virgin Gorda or Anegada in the BVI. Fly into Charlotte Amalie in the USVI and fly out of Virgin Gorda or Anegada (your choice) in the BVI Feb 3- Feb 17:  Make the upwind Anegada Passage from Virgin Gorda to St. Maarten possibly via Anguilla. Fly into Virgin Gorda in the BVI and out of Sint Maarten (St. Martin) Feb 17-Feb 24: Make the upwind passage from St. Maarten to Barbuda via St. Barthelemy (St. Barts). Fly into St. Maarten and out of Barbuda Feb 24-Mar 10: Sail on close reach from Barbuda to Guadeloupe via Antigua. Fly into Barbuda and out of Guadeloupe Mar 10-Mar 24: Reach our way from Guadeloupe to Martinique via Marie Galante. Fly into Guadeloupe and out of Martinique Cruise from Grenada downwind to Isla Margarita, Venezuela via the beautiful and remote--no cruise ship or airplane has ever been there--Los Testigos. Fly into Grenada, Fly out of Margarita