New "Air Line" Hookah Equipment is Now Aboard Escape Cay!


The Air Line consists of a small motor/compressor combination mounted in an inner tube that bobs gently behind you on the surface as two people dive to 75 feet, three to 45 feet, or four to 30 feet! (Dive tables allow a diver unlimited time at 30 feet which means about an hour with SCUBA tanks. With the Airline, you can stay down as long as you want, as long as it's less than three hours!) For more info, check out the Air Line web site.


Two divers exploring a shipwreck using dive equipment like our new "Air Line" hookah machine. A Hookah is a much more efficient method of diving than the more familiar SCUBA system. No heavy tanks to schlep to a refill station, no chance your partner will wander away from you on a dive. Only dive tables limit your dive time, not availability of "air."