Dustin's Welcoming Committee after arriving in Gibraltar

Our new transat crew, Layne, organizes all the ARC paperwork in his stateroom

Robert and Christina come to visit us in Las Palmas after first meeting in Fuertaventure, Canaries

Escape Cay hosts a "Dock Party" with, L-R: Anna from Jubilare, Jan and daughter (holding funnel) from Asterie, Julia from Jubilare, taxi driver Dan, James from Asterie, Grant and Bill from Jubilare

Pascal, Christina, and family from the Outremer 55 "Twins" come to visit us in Gibraltar after having met in Spain

Robert and Lee try to compute when during the crossing the two boats will intersect if one boat leaves 4 days earlier but travels 2 kts slower.

Ron enjoys the view while installing the very important spare spinnaker halyard

Transat crewmember Ron repairs the flag halyard

Summer partner Sara and Mary enjoying the sun and fresh air at the starboard helm

Tom clears prop from yet another mooring line attracted by Escape Cay.