Remember them?  Harry was born in Fiji during Sara and family's 2 year circumnavigation of the earth.  And you thought we were crazy!  We first met them in Ormos Vahti in Sifinos and then again in Zachinthos town 150 miles down the pike.  We got there first so they must be slowing down. We like short dinghy rides for a cold beer (in the little travel trailer)! Stewart and Sharon wanted their photo taken with the Stars and Bars.  They're from Scotland, visiting Ormos Vromi
Paul and Ellie from Holland, met in Zante Island, Greece Customs boat pulling up our anchor!  Now that's government service for you! Landlocked in Zakinthos, Greece
Tasos is a local day tripper who helped us get a huge mooring line untangled from our anchor (and more) as we entered the rather tight anchorage in Porto Vromi. These six guys (two were sleeping back on their sailboat from too much partying at the Porto Vromi taverna earlier that day) charter a boat every year and go someplace.  This year, they chartered a Bavaria 40, spent a week sailing down to Porto Vromi and the next week returning it to Corfu. Escape Cay lying at anchor in Ormos Vromi, Greece (on Zante Island)