The Long Whale-Watching Passage:

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Whale and spout off the Silver Banks, March 2004

Eric with 19 LB Mahi caught on the way from Grand Turk to the Silver Banks

Thar she Blows! This photo taken while at anchor off the Silver Banks! We could not look in any single direction for more than three minutes without seeing a spout. They were all around us.

We get a whale escort! This humpback whale paralelled our course just 50 feet away!

Humpback surfaced near Escape Cay

Eric, Bob and Zan off the Hunter Passage 42, "Cheers," and Dewey (sans Jan) from "The Great Escape," a Catalina all enjoying a 0.65 liter "Presidente Grande" beers at Camilla's restaurant in Samana, DR