Although not in the guidebooks, Renaja, Testigos made a beautiful landfall.

EC Crew working hard as usual

Our friends the Lewicki's on their Moorings 43, Tangerine Dream

Excellent Venezuelan steaks at "Cheers" in Margarita

Lots of gin with no hangover!

Seen one rainbow and you defenitely haven't seen them all!

A very fresh "Rainbow Runner," to be had in Isla Blanquilla in exchange for one bottle of $1.24 rum

The fishermen hiding the bottle as they speed away with their prize

Our good friends Lew and Ann over from their boat, Serannity, yes it's spelled correctly.

Christine fishing for sunnies. Hope they don't break your pole!

Derek and Christine shortly after a big argument

Going out in style: Derek and Christine just before the cab ride to the Margarita Airport.